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Tip #3 of Seven Tips for Getting Along Better with Your Kids

We are publishing this article on this blog as a series. We won’t necessarily cover all the tips sequentially, but you will be able to separate out all of them by clicking on the “7 Tips” Series link under Categories. Although these tips are part of my book, If My Kid’s So Nice, Why’s He Driving ME Crazy?, they really are applicable to ALL young people, not just difficult ones.

Tip #3: Occasionally Let the Youngster Lead

If you have a child who is sometimes critical of the way you do things, let them plan the next family outing or activity. Provide a few guidelines (like it needs to be someone everyone can enjoy) and a budget, then let ‘em at it. This won’t necessarily ensure everyone will have a great time on the activity, but it will eliminate much of the complaining. Be certain to recognize the youngster for his or her efforts.

This is a great way to teach skills of planning and goal-setting.

I encourage families to have a message center, the “Important Things to Remember Board” (on or near the refrigerator, of course). Things that are important, such as appointments and activities, are on the board. Everyone is expected to read the board and to be accountable for the information on it (”I didn’t know” won’t work as an excuse).

Let the child take responsibility for posting messages on the Board for a week, as you pass this responsibility around to family members who can handle it. This strategy also assures that the youngster in charge of the board will not be able to “forget” what is on it. Again, recognize efforts.

 James Sutton, Psychologist


June 22, 2006 - Posted by | Difficult Child, Parents

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