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Tip #6 of Seven Tips for Getting Along Better with Your Kids

We are publishing this article on this blog as a series. We might or might not cover all the tips sequentially, but you will be able to separate out all of them by entering "seven tips" in the search box on the right and clicking it. Although these tips are part of my book, If My Kid’s So Nice, Why’s He Driving ME Crazy?, they really are applicable to ALL young people, not just difficult ones.

Tip #6: Spit in the Soup

Sometimes stronger action is called for. Think about it. If, during lunch with a friend, you lean over and spit in their soup, there are a number of things you could say. You couldn't say, however, that it was all an "accident." Accidents like that just don't happen; it was deliberate.

If you have a child who too often drags his feet, a simple provocative statement can be just the ticket to create some sort of action. An example might be, "Johnny, I was kind of wondering if you were going to forget to put the trash out on the street like last week and the week before? I'm going to watch and see if you put the trash out this morning. If it doesnb't get put out, maybe we need to talk about it tonight. What would be a good time for you to meet with me about it?"

If Johnny wants to avoid the "appointment," all he has to do is put out the trash.

James Sutton, Psychologist

Author, "What Parents Need to Know About ODD"


June 25, 2006 - Posted by | Difficult Child, Parents

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