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Grandma’s Bumper Crop

Grandma’s Bumper Crop

As she was growing up in Kansas, my mother’s mother was always the sick child in her family. Yet, with her frail health, Myrtle Harriet Smith managed to outlive all of her brothers and sisters. Perhaps it was because she had a good heart.

It was certainly a generous heart.

Grandma came to spend the better part of a week with me when I was a young boy. My mother joined my father on a business trip, so it was just me and Grandma. We had fun, fellowship and lots of great food!

One day she announced that she was going to make sugar cookies.

“My favorite!” I shouted. “Please make a bunch of ‘em.” She did; she quadrupled the already generous receipe.

We quickly realized we had a problem. Cookies began coming out of the oven quicker than I could find plates, jars, cans and boxes to put them in. The house overflowed with her laughter as I would scurry around to find one more thing that we could stuff with cookies. The “Cookie Story” became one of her favorites, and she loved telling it.

We obviously had more cookies than we could eat. So Grandma grabbed her scarf and we spent the rest of the afternoon delivering fresh-baked cookies around the neighborhood.

She taught me many things that week and in the weeks and years that followed. But the greatest thing my grandmother ever taught me was a life-long lesson in sharing.

And she taught it with cookies.

James D. Sutton, Educator and Psychologist


July 15, 2006 - Posted by | Inspirational

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