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Part 1 of 2: Finding a Counselor or Therapist for Your Child


by James Sutton, Educator and Psychologist

The following two-part article is excerpted from “What Parernts Need to Know About ODD,” an e-book that can be downloaded through my homepage,


Parents often ask me how they should go about finding a counselor or therapist for their son or daughter. Here are my thoughts. First of all, look for someone who:

1. Is credentialed and experienced. Ask.

2. Devotes a good part of their practice to working with children and adolescents or families as a unit.

3. Understands oppositional and defiant behavior thoroughly.

4. Will work with you on school problems, including attending school meetings on occasion.

5. Will “connect” with your child so well that the youngster begins to see the therapist or counselor as an advocate, not an adversary. (An excellent early indicator her is that the youngster either looks forward to follow-up sessions, or at least attends without complaint.)

A personal referral, someone recommended by a person who knows you and your needs as well as the professional and their track record, is the best way to go. Check with your pediatrician, family physician, school counselor or a friend who’s “been there.”



July 17, 2006 - Posted by | Difficult Child, Parents

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