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Part 1 of 3: The Pickle Jar


(Here’s a great little piece from that famous author, Anonymous. As a first-generation collegeThe Pickle Jar student, I can also identify with having parents who sacrificed much to give their children as many opportunities in life as possible. It’s interesting to consider how my folks (perhaps yours, too) likely would not have considered it a sacrifice at all, but rather a wise and solid investment.—James Sutton)


The pickle jar, as far back as I can remember, sat on the floor beside the dresser in my parents’ bedroom. When he got ready for bed, Dad would empty his pockets and toss his coins into the jar.

As a small boy, I was always fascinated at the sounds the coins made as they were dropped into the jar. They landed with a merry jingle when the jar was almost empty. Then the tone gradually muted to a “thud” as the jar filled. I used to squat on the floor in front of the jar and admire the copper and silver discs that glinted like a pirate’s treasure when the sun poured through the bedroom window.

When the jar had filled, Dad would sit at the kitchen table and roll the coins. Taking the coins to the bank was always a big production. The rolls were stacked snugly in a small, cardboard box that was placed between Dad and me on the seat of his old truck.

As we drove to the bank, Dad would look at me hopefully. “These coins are going to keep you out of the textile mill, son. You’re going to do better than me. This old mill town’s not going to hold you back.”

Every time he slid the box of rolled coins across the counter at the bank, he would grin proudly at the cashier. “These are for my son’s college fund,” he would always say. “He’ll never work at the mill all his life like me.”


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