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Question 1 of 5: Evaluating a Youngster’s Self-Esteem

There are five questions that pertain to the evaluation of a child or adolescent’s self-esteem. It is probable that a child with low self-esteem will have difficult in more than one area addressed by these five questions.

These questions come from a downloadable guide for parents, grandparents and teachers entitled, “Improving a Youngster’s Self-Esteem.” For more information about this informative guide, go to:

James Sutton, Child and Adolescent Psychologist


Question 1 of 5: Evaluating a Youngster’s Self-Esteem


It’s not unusual for youngsters to have issues with their physical appearance. Our bodies stay with us for life (fortunately). They are an individual’s direct connection with the outside world, and the only part of us that others can see, hear, and touch.

Is she confident regarding her physical appearance? If she is not comfortable, is the problem an authentic one, perhaps even one that could be repaired (like crooked teeth)? Or is her issue with her appearance primarily in her own perception only, such as an attractive child believing somehow that she is ugly?

Does she put herself down when it comes to appearance and physical characteristics? What is the nature of her complaints and concerns?

Does she feel up to the challenge of comparing herself and her abilities with age and grade peers?

Sports is another area which showcases a youngster’s abilities, or lack of them. How is she in this area? Competitive sports like soccer and Little League come into a child’s life early on and continue through school and non-school functions and events for years. For some youngsters, the pressure to perform is anything but fun.

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August 28, 2006 - Posted by | Difficult Child, Educators, Parents, Self-esteem

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