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Life Wants to Keep Living

newlife.JPGThe desire to battle the odds and keep living is inate; we want to survive. We’ve all read and heard stories about people and animals coming through impossible circumstances and surviving them.

 Recently, Michelle Shows, Executive Director of the Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse in Gulfport, Mississippi, asked me to come and deliver a keynote and some training for a conference that was held in Biloxi. After picking me up at the airport, Michelle took me on a tour of the damage of hurricane Katrina and the area’s efforts at recovery. Although we’re some distance from August 29, 2005, a day that altered the courses of lives for so many, that part of the Gulf coast is still a long way from complete recovery. 

But that’s what they’re doing … recovering.

By an interesting turn of events, I almost didn’t make that trip to Gulfport/Biloxi. We had an arctic blast that seemed to stall right over us in San Antonio, shutting down the airport. (This is unusual for a part of south Texas that often has mild winters similar to parts of Florida and California.) We loaded plants onto a couple of big wagons and put them into the garage for the first time this winter. But we couldn’t protect the canna lily plants along the fence. They took the freeze and bit the dust. They were gone … or so I thought.

A day or two after returning from the Gulf coast, I noticed a little shoot of green growing upward and into the lifeless leaves of one of the canna lily plants. It wasn’t to be stopped; it was coming back. In it’s own way, it was recovering also.

Okay, plants aren’t people. That’s true enough. But they can sometimes teach us a lesson about courage and starting over.

James D. Sutton, Psychologist


January 27, 2007 - Posted by | Counselors, Difficult Child, Educators, Inspirational, Self-esteem


  1. Yes, the will to survive and perpetuate is astounding! We continue to survive, grow and live!


    Comment by tobeme | January 29, 2007 | Reply

  2. It is Eros- the will of life to continue.


    Comment by naturalhigh | February 5, 2007 | Reply

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