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In Your Face!

I’m quite fond of this quote by one of our former US presidents:

“The face you have up to age thirty five is the one you are born with; after thirty five, it is the face you have made.” Abraham Lincoln

It’s true, isn’t it. Life leaves its traces on our faces. Who would know better than Abraham Lincoln? If you examine photos of him when he took office and photos of him late in his presidency, you’ll see vivid evidence of how the Civil War played across his face.

 I’ve often wondered if we can see worry and pain, or peace and contentment, on a person’s face, does the rest of their body carry the same message? I believe it does, and all I’ve read and learned tells me that we not only can have a worried face, but a worried liver, heart, lungs, etc. as well. No wonder so many folks get sick before their time. And it shortens their time, maybe a bunch.

Sometimes it’s not so much what you eat, but rather what’s eating you.

To turn this concept over on the other side, does this mean that folks with a deep serenity that shows in their faces have happy bodies and organs as well? Does this conribute to longevity and a life-long sense of health and purpose? I believe it does.

Not many folks in our society reach an age that has to be recorded with three digits, although there are societies where ages of 100+ are fairly common. And, when you look closely at these societies, they are comprised of folks who live simply, naturally and very close to the land.

It’s hard to convince our children that long life begins with good habits early on; they generally think they’ll live forever anyway.

But good habits will show up alright–in your face.

 James Sutton, Psychologist 

June 13, 2007 - Posted by | Counselors, Educators, family, Inspirational, Parents, Self-esteem

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  1. Great quote from Lincoln although I cannot find the source. Many sayings are attributed to Lincoln without him having uttered them, but the quote strikes me as being evocative of Lincoln’s spirit.


    Comment by Lincoln Fans Anonymous | June 13, 2007 | Reply

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