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Sometimes “MY WAY” Doesn’t Work

water toolwater toolwater toolwater toolWhen our automatic sprinklers were installed in our yard a couple of years ago, I was given a handy little tool for adjusting them. I really never gave it another thought until I turned on the back-yard sprinklers one morning to see how they were doing. One of them was shooting water over the fence and into the neighbor’s yard! As expensive as water is where I live, I was darned if I was going to give it to the neighbor!

I looked around for the handy-dandy adjustment tool (pictured here). Remembering bits and pieces of what the sprinkler man told me, I stuck the tool into the sprinkler head and gave it a twist in the “-” direction (to decrease the arc). Nothing happened at all. I twisted it some more. Nothing.

Now I was getting frustrated.

I took the little tool and poked it into some of the other sprinklers and turned. It had no effect whatsoever. “What’s wrong with this stupid tool,” I said to myself.

I sailed right past frustration and into anger. I dug up the ground around the sprinkler and took the whole unit out of the ground. I carried it into my shop, put two bright lights on it, and literally took it apart to see why I couldn’t adjust it.

The answer came quickly. There was nothing wrong with the sprinkler. There was nothing wrong with the tool. I HAD BEEN POKING THE WRONG END OF THE TOOL INTO THE SLOT. The Hunter company had designed a product that worked perfectly. They naturally assumed that a reasonably bright homeowner would at least glance at the instructions on how to get the most from their product.

Lesson learned, but since this blog is about how we can best teach our children good lessons in all aspects of life, let me draw three teachable conclusions from my water sprinkler escapade:

1. We don’t have all the answers.

2. Some of the answers we do have are wrong.

3. It’s not a bad idea to take a peek at the instructions.

James Sutton, Psychologist


June 18, 2007 - Posted by | Counselors, Educators, family, Inspirational, Parents

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  1. Great advice! Helps to read instructions. Funny, now when I put anything together, I always read the instructions. Things go together so much faster now, ha!


    Comment by Mark | June 21, 2007 | Reply

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