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Small Gains Make a Big Difference

 I came across this quote this morning. It seemed to be speaking to me specifically.

“You only have to be a little bit better than most in what you do. Just a little smarter, just a little steadier, just a little more energetic, or whatever other prime quality is demanded in your field. If successes admitted this, they would not have cause to feel so conceited; and if the aspirants recognized this, they would not have cause to feel so left behind at the starting line.” Sydney J. Harris “Success is just a little more effort” from his column Strictly Speaking

We don’t have to change the world in order to change the world. Small steps will get us there. I have been working on a new writing project and, frankly, became bogged down. I was overwhelmed with the WHOLE thing, rather than concentrating on just a single part or two.

Following up on Harris’ quote, we are often MORE successful with something that is just a little bit improved over the status quo than something that is totally different and radical. Folks are leary of things that are too radical, but they will consider something that is better, but still familiar. Wendy’s hamburgers still looked and tasted like hamburgers, but the square patty was a refreshing change. Dave Thomas tied in the notion of a “square meal,” and the rest is marketing history.

Never underestimate the value that a small contribution can make to the bigger picture.

James Sutton, Pychologist 


July 30, 2007 - Posted by | Inspirational

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