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I don’t believe I ever put up TWO posts in the same day, but this one couldn’t wait.

I’m a member of the National Speakers Association and regularly participate in our CSP listserv. (CSP means Certified Speaking Professional, an earned credential roughly equivalent to a doctorate in professional speaking. Because it is a demanding and rigorous, five-year program, less than 10% of NSA’s members have it.)

Today, Brad Montgomery, CSP and humorist mentioned that he was to speak Monday at the opening of the schools in the area in Utah were the miners were trapped. He was asking for input on how he should approach his program, and he got some great feedback.

Chad Hymas, CSP responded also. Chad lives in the Huntington area, where Brad will be speaking. (Chad is an inspirational speaker and a world-record wheelchair athlete). Chad obviously had some powerful input, but what touched me was this from Chad’s email:

My family and I attended last night’s opening Emery High School football game. I got to be on the sidelines with the team. Before the game, the opposing team presented Emery High School with a HUGH bouquet of flowers and a check for $2300 that the team had collected for the affected families. It was most incredible.”

You know what, that’ll never make the front pages, but it ought to.

Pass it on, and God Bless.

(and Brad, you’ll do just fine!)

James Sutton, CSP  Psychologist

August 18, 2007 - Posted by | adversity, Counselors, Educators, family, Humor, Inspirational, Parents, Self-esteem

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