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From Pieces to Perfection

When one turns pens on a wood lathe, he accumulates quite a pile of short pieces of exotic and domestic hardwoods. They’re beautiful, too beautiful to toss. But what do you do with them?

I had a bucketful of ’em. They didn’t seem to be worth much.

I started to toss the pieces into the trash anyway, when an idea struck. I dumped them out on my workbench and sorted out a few. I glued several of the pieces together, clamped them overnight, and turned them on the lathe the next morning.

I made an inkwell and an old-fashioned dip-pen using a wing feather from a barred wild turkey. Click here to see it.

The finished product looked NOTHING like the random bits and pieces I had started with. Those pieces were now part of a greater whole. Their individual insignificance became significant, indeed.

There’s strength in bringing pieces together. For instance, it’s no chore to break a plain old #2 wooden pencil. But when you tape 15 or so of them together in a bundle, breaking them barehanded is next to impossible. 

One idea doesn’t seem like much, but when you compile them into a cohesive whole, you end up with a house that will give you shelter, an automobile that will take you where you want to go, a book that can encourage and inform, and a computer that can keep track of it all.

And it’s the same with people. Whether we’re talking about adults or young people, there’s strength and power in numbers and the capacity to move the efforts of those numbers toward a worthy accomplishment.

But what am I going to do now with 47 inkwells?

 James Sutton, psychologist  

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