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NO SALE! The Price of Disrespect

Here’s a story worth sharing with young people. It helps sometimes, and is considerably less painful, to gain from the experiences of others.

A friend of mine shared an interesting story; it would be a hands-down entry for “The Best Thing I Ever Learned the Hard Way” Award.  He sold electric motors for a living, and he was good at it. One customer like his product and ordered a large shipment of the motors through the purchasing department of the company.

Everything was set for a BIG sale, or so he thought. The purchase order never materialized … as didn’t his plans for the fat commission check.

Concerned about it, he made a visit to the purchasing department of the company. It was then and there the director of purchasing explained why there would be no order for the motors.

I’ve seen you come in here a number of times to visit with our engineers and operations people. Not once did you ever stick your head in the door and say as much as a “hello”. It seems that my department and I weren’t important enough for even a few seconds of your time. That, sir, cost you the sale. I’m NOT buying your motors, regardless of value or price.

And he didn’t.

My friend owned up to his mistake and vowed to never repeat it.

From then on, he spoke to everyone.

James Sutton, Psychologist


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