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Rocky Mountain High

Whiloe on a 6:00am flight (YAWN!) from Monterey Bay, California, to Denver, I took to reading a magazine near the end of the trip.

Something told me to take a look outside.

At that very instant we were passing over the tops of the Rockies, the early morning sun glinting off the snowy peaks.

Words fail to describe it. And I came close to missing it completely.

There will be time and opportunity to read magazines. Even in our hurry-up, crazy, time-compressed world, we always can take a moment for a magazine, or to check our email (again), or take in another re-run. But sometimes the most beautiful parts of life are right there, just outside our window.

They don’t require a special trip. They don’t even require extra effort.

All we have to do is turn our heads, take a look … and take it in.

It’ll do more than make your day. It’ll make your life.

So, go ahead; take a look. What’s outside your window.

James Sutton, Psychologist


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