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Six Minutes of NOTHING!

I live in a small community in South Texas. When we became large enough in population to have our own Super Wal-Mart, it became more than just a store.

It became the cultural center of Atascosa County.

I was in the store one weekend and decided to have a bit of lunch at the McDonald’s there in the store. I ordered chicken tenders.

“Okay,” the young lady behind the counter said, “but it will take six minutes.”

“That’s fine,” I replied. Only in our rushed along world and lifestyle would it be necessary to warn a customer they would have to wait a whole six minutes.

I figured to check the stock market and my email on my Moto-Q while I waited. To my horror, I had left my phone at the house. I actually had to WAIT six minutes.

It was … it was … it was … WONDERFUL! A few minutes peace without constant bombardment of whatever stimuli that keep us way too occupied just about all the time.

I remember an experiment I read about. If a person could be completely still and quiet for at least 15-25 minutes (that’s a LONG time by today’s standards), the corpus collosum (that band of thick fibers that connect the two hemispheres of the brain) will begin to “sing.” Creativity and higher level concentration and thought begin at that point … 15-25 minutes in.

A heavy price to pay for quality thought, huh?

James Sutton, Pychologist

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What Does “Live Like …” Really Mean?

Much inspiration for what I write in It’s About Them comes from a couple of little newsletters sent to me by Jim Gentil of Austin, Texas: Positive People Power! and Positive Spiritual Living (read by folks in over 30 countries).  Somehow, some way, Jim seems to have a knack for sharing something that touches me deeply. This piece is one of them. Since Jim always encourages us to share his thoughts with others, I’d like to pass them along to you.


 What does it mean to live like you were dying? 
It means to squeeze every drop of juice out of life that you can. 
It means to live life to its fullest potential. 
It means to do things that give you an adrenaline rush. 
It means to open your heart and mind to a world where all things are possible. 
It means to smile and laugh and play a little more everyday. 
It means to become more than you currently are. 
It means taking the time to dream. 
It means pursuing your dreams with everything that’s within you. 
It means to stretch yourself and go beyond the known into the unknown. 
It means to follow your heart and fulfill the desires that inspire you.
It means to forgive others and find true freedom and peace of mind. 
It means to love others like there’s no tomorrow. 
It means do what you have always wanted to do. 
It means being the person you were created to be. 
It means to have faith in the process of your life and trust that everything is going to be all right. 
It means taking control of what you can and accepting what you can’t. 
It means daring to believe. 
It means never giving up on your dreams. 
It means focusing on what’s really important to you personally. 
It means you ignore all the petty stuff of life. 
It means you don’t let things get under your skin. 
It means seeing others through eyes of compassion. 
It means giving mercy to every one you meet.
It means creating meaningful moments that you’ll never forget. 
It means being your personal best. 
It means acting in spite of your fears and discovering that fear is an illusion. 
It means doing something you’ve never done but have always wanted to do. 
It means feeling the fear and doing it anyway.  
It means saying “I Love You” more often. 
It means to give more hugs and holding the embrace for a second or two longer. 
It means saying what you mean and sometimes not saying anything at all. 
It means breathing deep and letting your cares go. 
It means to give away what’s precious to you. 
It means to hold all things loosely. 
It means to understand that we don’t really own anything anyway, we just get to use things for a while. 
It means to lighten up and not be so serious. 
It means to go for it whatever it may be. 
It means to take a leap of faith. 
It means to be free. 
Faith, Hope and Love,
Keith Cameron Smith

If we were to truly live these words, our lives (and the lives of those we touch) would never be the same, would they? What a positive challenge. Thanks, Jim.

James Sutton, Psychologist 

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Two Vietnam Vets: A Moment of Pride

I just came back from Mobile, Alabama, where I trained about 70 educators, counselors and administrators in skills of working with difficult students.

During one point of the presentation, I used a participant to demonstrate a method of communication with a student. His name was Bill; he was an assistant principal at an elementary school in the area.

To make a long story short, Bill loves to sail in Mobile Bay. He shared how, when he was discharged from the military he had been so impacted by what he had experienced in Vietnam that he decided to get away from everything and everyone for awhile. So he sailed around the world … several times.

I casually asked him his branch of service in Vietnam.

“I was Army, 101st Airborne,” he said.

I offered him my hand. “First Marines.” (I was Navy, but I lived and worked with the marines of the First Radio Battalion in DaNang.)

I think Bill and I were both surprised by what happened next. The participants began to applaud.

I know I was touched. How so different that response was to my Vietnam service than the one I often got when I first returned home. Truth is, we were often spat upon, called “baby killers,” and were considered something less than a human being. We were encouraged NOT to mention that we were Vietnam veterans or to wear our uniforms.

The applause from that group was neither anticipated nor expected, but it was certainly appreciated.

James Sutton, Psychologist

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