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“All I Need”

I’m a psychologist who, for over 20 years has worked primarily with children and adolescents. Recently I’ve experienced a partial career shift; now I’m seeing patients in nursing homes. (And, if you really think about it, pediatrics and geriatrics aren’t that far apart, really.)

One of my patients, an 86-year-old blind man gave my heart a tug a few days ago. I asked if he needed anything. He gently reached for my hand and said: “Thank you, but I’m an old man. All I need is a good place to sleep and good food to eat.”

Little did he know that afternoon he was doing therapy on ME.

We could all stand to be at a point in our lives where all the excesses of existence are shed to reveal the core of who we really are … a person who doesn’t really need all that stuff.

Kid’s instinctively know the simple life, although they might not know how to get to it. I think it’s adults who try to add too much to it, but it’s also the adults who can show youngsters how much fun they can have fishing with a cane pole instead of an expensive rod and reel. Actually, they can problably teach them that digging for worms can be the best part of fishing. It’s especially the case if the adult is someone who gives the youngster the one thing kids get very little of from adults in their lives … TIME.

Life was not designed to be complicated. In fact, it’s much too fragile to be complicated. So treasure the small things, like a good place to sleep and good food to eat


James Sutton, Psychologist


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