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My wife and I have completely enjoyed a trip from Texas to Idaho to see our daughter and her family there. (We took two grandkids on the plane with us, creating a total of four very happy youngsters.) She lives outside Orofino near the Lewis & Clark Trail. Beautiful country!

We took the grandkids to see the federal fish hatchery there, and the dam that is close. There’s a spot below the dam where water sports abound, including a swimming area. (This is good, because there are few public swimming pools in the area.) Swimming there is an awesome experience, and the water and the sights couldn’t be any better.

I noticed a small kiosk that had life preservers. It was suggested that young children wear one for good measure, as the water drops off deeply pretty quickly. The life preservers were … are you ready for this … FREE. That’s right, no charge at all. Everything was on the honor system: you borrowed what you needed and returned them when you were finished swimming.

As we were driving back to where my daughter and her family lived, my wife commented on the “free” life preservers, and marveled how there were still plenty of them hanging on the hooks in the kiosk. Perhaps a willingness to trust, a very transparent, no conditions, willingness to trust fosters the sort of honesty they apparently draw from folks. I commented that it was likely that someone takes a life preserver with no intention of returning it once in a while, but it apparently was such a seldom happening that the folks running the place chose not to complicate the process with deposits or by putting an employee on the kiosk.

My guess is, the system works well just the way it is. It was refreshing to see it in person.

James Sutton, EdD, Psychologist

July 23, 2010 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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