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Oppositional Defiant Disorder Digest (September, 2010)

ODD Management Digest

(September, 2010)


The September, 2010, issue of the resource for parents, teachers and counselors, the ODD Management Digest, has been published to the web. For a complimentary (free) subscription, CLICK HERE. (If you miss the September, 2010, issue, subscribe anyway. Any current Digest will direct you to past issues.)

Here’s what in the September, 2010, issue:



Noncritical Noticing: Here’s an excellent approach for affirming a son or daughter without their fear that we are being critical or judgmental.


“I’ve Got Your Number:” A teacher in California shares an excellent strategy for a nonverbal and non-embarrassing method for redirecting a student back to a task.


The Apple Tells the Story:  A guidance counselor in South Carolina shares how a shiny apple can be used to teach youngsters the damage put-downs can do. This strategy is so visual and strong, it easily opens discussion on reasons and ways to be considerte to others.


Finding a Counselor or Therapist (Part Two): This is the second of two parts of an answer to a father’s questions about what makes a good counselor or therapist for his child, and where does one find them.


(New Video) Finding a Counselor or Therapist for Your Child or Teen: Using the material from the August and September, 2010 issues of the Digest, Dr. Sutton put together this short video on the topic.


New Anger Training Program: Dr. Sutton’s lastest training program, Practical Stategies for Managing the Angry, Aggressive and Impulsive Student, is now being scheduled for educational service centers, schools, and seminar companies. A schedule for the 2010-2011 school year is included.


2%–The Winner’s Edge:  Winning in life and successfully achieving one’s dreams is often built around slight advantages in effort. Sometimes only 2% more brings a tremendous payoff, but the 2% has to be there. Don’t miss this piece.

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The Apple Tells the Story

THE APPLE TELLS THE STORY: If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then an apple can be worth a whole book. Here’s a great visual lesson shared by Tamela Ward, guidance counselor at Anderson School District One in Piedmont, South Carolina. (I did a training workshop in Columbia one winter. It was 40 degrees below zero that day! Okay, it felt like 40 below!)

Here’s the deal. Deliberately bruise an apple the evening before the lesson. Be careful not to break the skin or damage the appearance.

“Show the group or class your pretty, shiny apple,” suggested Tamela. “Discuss with them what it means to be a good friend and to be considerate of the person and the feelings of others. Bang the apple against the desk as you make your point about put-downs and words that hurt others.

“After you’ve made your point, cut the apple open and show them how it is badly bruised on the inside. Discuss how, even though things may look fine on the outside, a lot of damage can be done on the inside.

“It’s a very powerful lesson for showing how words can really hurt a lot,” Tamela concluded.   

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