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The Apple Tells the Story

THE APPLE TELLS THE STORY: If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then an apple can be worth a whole book. Here’s a great visual lesson shared by Tamela Ward, guidance counselor at Anderson School District One in Piedmont, South Carolina. (I did a training workshop in Columbia one winter. It was 40 degrees below zero that day! Okay, it felt like 40 below!)

Here’s the deal. Deliberately bruise an apple the evening before the lesson. Be careful not to break the skin or damage the appearance.

“Show the group or class your pretty, shiny apple,” suggested Tamela. “Discuss with them what it means to be a good friend and to be considerate of the person and the feelings of others. Bang the apple against the desk as you make your point about put-downs and words that hurt others.

“After you’ve made your point, cut the apple open and show them how it is badly bruised on the inside. Discuss how, even though things may look fine on the outside, a lot of damage can be done on the inside.

“It’s a very powerful lesson for showing how words can really hurt a lot,” Tamela concluded.   


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