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Secrets of a Fly Snatcher

I was going through back issues of my prior newsletter, Reaching Out, and came across this piece. It most definitely teaches a skill. Have fun with it. –JDS

At first glance, the common housefly falls way short on talent and creativity. Think about it; ever see a fly sing a song, dance a polka or recite a poem?

Hey, but just try catching one. This little critter comes equipped with an early warning system that all but assures it will see another day and another garbage can. Near 360 degree vision and unbelievable quickness make a sneak attach on a housefly virtually impossible.

But as slippery as it is, the fly has one problem: It can only process danger coming from one direction at a time.
To catch a housefly, simply jam its radar; come in on it with both hands from two sides. Folks who study this sort of thing (now there’s a specialty) say the fly will remain frozen in place because it can’t compute an excape.

One more candidate for Fly Heaven.

I shared this little tidbit with a group of elementary students. (They were spellbound by this subject.) On my next visit, I asked if any of them had tried the fly thing.

One bright-eyed fifth-grader shared he had told his father about it.

“That’s the dumbest thing I EVER heard,” was Dad’s reply.

At that instant, a fly landed on the television. The boy used the new technique to capture the fly. He handed it, alive and wriggling, to his father.

Of course there is a deeper meaning operating here: Humans aren’t flies. We can take in information from a number of sources and directions, consider our options and determine how, when and where we will respond.

So the next time you have a difficult decision to make, try not to let it “bug” you. Don’t freeze; work it out.

You’re NOT a fly.

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