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Making the Best of It

I have a Sunday morning ritual. As my schedule permits, I take my guitar down to a nursing home nearby and hold a small song service.

Today there was a new resident, a woman. I don’t know her circumstances, but I do know that going to a nursing home is no one’s first choice of places to live, especially when it’s pretty clear that it’s going to stay that way. Giving up one’s car is a huge sacrifice of independence, but no longer being able to live in the comforts of the surroundings of one’s own home is often a difficult blow to manage.

I sang some of the old, old hymns. She broke into a smile as her face lit up. She knew them all. The time with her and the others was (and always is) a source of deep blessing for me.

I introduced myself as I was leaving. She grabbed my arm with both hands as she half-rose from her wheelchair. She thanked me for coming, and for knowing the really old songs she grew up with.

“Know what? I thank YOU!” I said to her.

Life had been difficult for her over the last few months or so, but she had made a decision to be agreeable in less-than-agreeable circumstances. She could have sat in her room and sulked. She instead decided to make the best of it.

What better lesson could we teach our children and grandchildren than the one she so poignantly taught me? Things in this world won’t always go our way, and heartbreak might visit when we cannot alter some outcomes.

Be we can choose to be agreeable. It doesn’t cost a dime; yet it’s priceless.

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