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Young People … Our Greatest Resource

Santa in Civies

I was recently passing through Houston on the way home. While waiting for my Southwest Airlines flight to board, I noticed a distinguished looking gentlemen in his early 60’s. He was wearing a nice button-down shirt and tan slacks. His most prominent feature, however, was a full, snow-white beard with a shaved head.

As the agent called for the “A” boarding group, he picked up his briefcase and approached the gate. A young lad of about four years or so saw him and began pointing him out to his mother. His whispers were instantly interpreted.

Santa Claus?????

The bearded gentleman must have seen plenty of behavior like this. He leaned down and smiled broadly at the lad.

“You don’t think I wear that heavy old suit ALL the time, do you? It’s home in the closet,” he whispered. “Are you being GOOD?”

The youngster’s jaw dropped to the floor as he tried to nod “Yes”.

Three sentences, and he gave that little boy a thrill he’ll NEVER forget.

James D. Sutton, EdD, CSP

Consulting Psychologist/Certified Speaking Professional
PO Box 672, Pleasanton, TX 78064
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