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Way to Go, Mrs. Einstein!

I’m currently reading a biography on Albert Einstein by acclaimed author Walter Isaacson. This is reported to be the most comprehensive biography of the famous physicist because it incorporates Einstein’s personal letters and correspondence that have only recently been released.

Albert Einstein was a master of one-liners. Perhaps one of the best, however, came from a different Einstein, his wife. It came while the couple were on their second trip to the United States in the winter of 1931. He was scheduled to lecture at Caltech.

While at Caltech, the Einsteins accepted an invitation from Edwin Hubble to make the short trip up the road to the Mount Wilson Observatory in the mountains above Pasadena. Hubble was anxious to show Einstein the 100-inch reflector telescope that had aided Hubble in verifying Einstein’s thoughts on the expanding nature of the universe.

Einstein was impressed, but Elsa was not. When the scientists tried to explain to her that this huge telescope helped them determine the scope and shape of the universe, Mrs. Einstein was reported to have said, “Well, my husband does that on the back of an old envelope.”

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