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An Answer for the King

MINI PODCAST: AN ANSWER FOR THE KING: Sam Adams lead with character and courage as the American colonies resisted being treated as second-class citizens by Britain. King George dispatched a man to handle this problem: Governor Gage. Here’s the link to a short (3:50) little podcast of how that worked out. (Left-click to listen; right-click to download.)

Mini-Podcast: An Answer for the King

Here are some ideas to facilitate discussion. Sample answers also included. (The script for the audio and the questions/activities are from Dr. Sutton’s book, Windows II: 24 illuminating stories for helping youngsters understand and deal with the impact of crisis, loss … and life [Friendly Oaks Publications,

1. What’s the big deal anyway? Don’t we have freedom of speech in this country?

Answer: We do not, but not back then. Sam Adams had put everything into his answer, including his life.

2. But wasn’t Mr. Adams a little scared?

Answer: Perhaps. But if he was, he didn’t let fear change him or his answer.

3. What is freedom of speech anyway?

Answer: The Constitution guarantees you the right to have an opinion on just about anything. And it gives you the right to express your opinion without fear of consequence from the government. But freedom of speech is not absolute. You cannot say anything you like if it threatens the safety or lives of others. For instance, a person can say, “I think it’s unfair to have to pay income tax,” and even wear a signboard on a street corner as they say it. But they cannot yell “FIRE!” in a crowded movie theater when there isn’t one.

4. Activity: What is the Difference (Part I)? Put youngsters into small groups and let them come up with answers to this question: What is the difference between strong character and just plain stubbornness?

Answer: The depth and endurance of the principles and values involved; the benefits to others, not just self; the creation of a better person

5. Activity: What is the Difference (Part II)? Let the group work on this question: What is the difference between courage and character?

Answer: Although it often takes courage to exercise true character, it is possible to exercise courage without character (albeit a liberal look at courage). It might take some courage, for instance, for a person to steal a car or rob a bank, but such behavior does not reflect character.

6. Question: How can we exercise courage?

Answer: By determining how we will handle frustration and disappointment; by enduring short-term pain for long-term principle; by not going with the crowd when the crowd is wrong

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